We not conducting in-home visits for private training until further notice as a result of the increase in Covid 19 infection rates in our County. All private training sessions will be conducted at our facility with strict personal protection equipment and sanitation standards enforced.

Private Training sessions are tailored to your individual needs to make the most of your time spent with us.


  • Any of our Group Classes can be taught privately
  • New Baby Preparation
  • New Puppy Preparation/Assistance with Breed Selection or Rescue Options
  • Clicker Training
  • Tricks, Fun & Games
  • Agility
  • Rally
  • Help with Troublesome Behaviors (counter-surfing, door-dashing, jumping-chewing-digging, pulling on leash, lack of focus)


The following items must be on file for private training:


  • Dogs who are too stressed, fearful or distracted in a group setting or away from their homes.
    Some dogs cannot handle the stress of being in a strange room with a group of other dogs. If your dog is too distracted from excitement or stressed and fearful, he will not be able to learn. Sometimes the human end of the leash cannot focus on our instruction while trying to calm a stressed dog, making an unpleasant visit for both dog and handler. *In-home training takes this variable out of the picture and provides an environment that encourages stress-free learning.
  • Owners who want one-on-one coaching from their instructor.
    Perhaps you prefer to work directly with a training so all your questions and concerns can be addressed during your session. Or, maybe you are looking to really advance your handling skills and want to work on more advanced behaviors. Private Training is also perfect if your family is joining in the fun.
  • Owners with busy schedules, or prefer an *in-home visit.
    We plan sessions to accommodate your family’s schedule so that everyone can participate. Private instruction is an efficient and economical way to address your specific training requirements. We cover the material offered in a six-week group class in just three sessions.
  • Owners that have specific training goals to accomplish.
    Perhaps you want to focus on areas such as improving your dog’s foundation behaviors with distractions, leash walking or stronger recalls. We can design a training plan around the goals you wish to accomplish.

Private Training sessions are conducted in our training center or Dawg Park.
If your trainer feels it is in the best interest your dog’s progress to work in a more challenging environment, you may choose to do more advanced training in and around your neighborhood, or at public locations such as parks, stores, trails and urban settings.

*In-home training is offered on a limited basis when conditions make it difficult for the client to leave home.

A travel fee will apply to any private lesson that is held off of the Awesome Dawgs campus.


$125 per hour
$25 travel fee for a single in-home private lesson
$450 for a 4-hour package
$500 for a 4-hour in-home package

Private Training sessions must be paid in full prior to scheduling an appointment.

  • All training sales are final and non-refundable.
  • Please carefully consider your schedule when registering.
  • Private training sessions must be completed within 6 months from the date of payment. If your allotted time period expires you will have to pay for additional training.

* Due to the pandemic, we are no longer doing in-home training unless physical or medical conditions prohibit the client from traveling to our training center. In some instances a trainer may agree to come to your home if you can provide a safe, outdoor space in which to work. When a trainer goes to an offsite location, the client will incur a travel fee.