• Most classes are six, 1-hour group training sessions. Some specialty classes may vary and will be noted.
  • You will learn how to teach your dog specific behaviors using positive training techniques.
  • Classes often include discussion topics specific to the goals of the class and the age of dogs enrolled.
  • Keep dogs at least 6′ apart. We will discuss safe greetings in class- remember, not all dogs get along.


  • A variety of soft treats. The classroom is very distracting so you will want treats that are better than what you would normally use at home. Treats should be cut to about the size of a pea. Suggestions include: Gibsons, Real Meats, Spot Farms, Tricky Trainers, Wild Meadow Farms (all available for purchase at The Dawg Store); cheese, cooked and/or freeze-dried meat, meat jerky for dogs, peanut butter. Treats that have a lot of scent work well.
  • Flat Buckle Collar or Harness and a 6-ft. training lead. (No Flexi-Leads, Prong, Choke or Shock Collars)
  • Busy toys, stuffed Kong and/or chews.


Class starts and ends on time. Please arrive about 10 minutes early to allow time for you and your dog to settle. If you will miss class, please contact ADDT in advance. 610-750-6868 or [email protected].


If you miss a class, you can talk with your instructor to: obtain class notes, make arrangements to attend your next class 15 minutes early for catch-up, observe the same class (without your dog) that runs on a different date/time, or book a private 30 minute catch-up lesson for $30. If more than two classes are missed you must retake the class, the money from this class will not carry over.


The people bathroom is located in the Dawg Store. Dogs potty outside in the grass areas surrounding the upper/main parking lot. Owners must clean up after their dogs anywhere they go on the property. Inside cleanup equipment is in the training center. Please cleanup up before any of the dogs walk/run through it. Dispose of feces in outside trashcans. Outside bags and trashcans are located at the training center entrance and along the Dawg Park fence.


Awesome Dawgs Dog Training, LLC (ADDT) utilizes force-free training methods and will educate you how to train and manage your dog in a humane and friendly manner. At no time will we use aversive techniques (harsh physical or verbal corrections, prong, choke, or shock collars, etc.) nor will we permit our students to use such punishments. Awesome Dawgs follows the dominance and punishment position statements established by American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior

ADDT classes are designed to educate you how to teach your dog desired behaviors and how to manage your dog both safely and humanely. It is your responsibility to implement and reinforce the recommended training techniques and advice outside of the training classes. Dogs will not learn the behaviors taught in class if you do not work on them outside of class.


When a behavior occurs, the immediate consequence for that behavior will either increase or decrease the chances of that behavior happening again. For example, if your dog sits and you give him a treat, there is a very good chance he will sit again. If he sits and you do nothing, he may or may not sit again. At Awesome Dawgs we reward the behaviors we like and ignore the behaviors we do not like. Often referred to as Positive Reinforcement training, our training focuses on teaching and reinforcing desirable behaviors so your dog can be asked to do the things you want him to do. Simply relying on saying ‘no’ or ‘stop’ does not give you dog clear information. You may not want them to do something like jump on you, but you need to let them know what you want them to do instead and then reward, reward, reward this preferred action so it becomes more frequently offered. This science-based method is supported by animal welfare agencies, The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, and American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior.


Primary canine socialization occurs between 3 weeks and 12 weeks of development. Our Puppy classes focus on socialization, but the balance of our training classes do not. If you have an older dog that you feel needs to be ‘socialized’, please Click Here to Visit the Socialization Page to learn more about what socialization is and is not.


Wear comfortable, secure shoes. No sandals, flip-flops or slip-on shoes. Our training facility is smoke-free. Please refrain from using cell-phones during class. Children are welcome to attend training classes if: they are able to sit settled on a chair for the duration of the class and they are not a distraction for the person in charge of the dog or others in the classroom. Your child is only permitted to handle your dog during class if he/she is over 16 years of age and able to safely manage and effectively train your dog. For your children’s safety, please do not allow them to run around the Training Center, Dawg Store, Dawg Park or Parking areas which could trigger dogs to jump, chase or nip them.


If a class is rescheduled you will be notified by email and an announcement will be posted on Awesome Dawgs’ website and Facebook page.


Throughout the session your instructor will need to discuss training and behavior topics. Handling, massage, toys, stuffed Kongs and/or chews can help your dog relax and be settled during talking points. Please refer to the Calming & Settling Techniques handout for suggestions and tips on how to keep your dog settled during class.


If your dog is ill or injured, please call ADDT at 610-750-6868 to determine if you dog should stay home.


If your dog is having spay or neuter surgery, it is recommended that your dog have 7-10 days to recover. Please follow your vet’s follow up care and skip class if your dog is in recovery. You are welcome to attend the class your dog will miss without your dog so you can still get the information being taught.


Females in heat are not permitted to attend training classes, shop the Dawg Store, or play in the Dawg Park. She may return to the facility two weeks after the day discharge stops. Please contact ADDT if your dog is enrolled in classes and goes into heat.


Class fees are non-refundable. If you miss 4 or more classes due to a non-preventable situation (dog requires emergency surgery, becomes seriously ill, goes into heat, or human has an emergency situation) you may retake the class next session. Please note, this is reserved for emergency-like situations only; things such as vacations, or changes in work commitments do not apply.


ADDT may cancel your service or training agreement if you: fail to pay; have poor attendance or frequently reschedule; are disruptive or behave inappropriately; fail to follow recommended training advice and techniques.