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Training is something we do with our dogs, not to them.

Attending an Awesome Dawgs group class provides your dog with valuable social skills. We encourage dogs to meet and greet the other people in class and to allow time for puppies to play together.

Once you register for our group classes, we encourage you to contact us at any time during the 6 week session with questions or concerns. We feel it is important for you to address dog-training issues as they occur rather than having to wait until your next class for resolve.

All training class sales are final and non-refundable. Please carefully consider your schedule when registering for a training session.


An Awesome Dawgs Puppy Class emphasizes…

  • Building your relationship with your new puppy – bonding with your puppy is critical to a life-long relationship based on trust and mutual appreciation. We teach you how to be the most interesting, important figure in your puppy’s world so that he responds to you consistently whenever you ask him to do something for you. Puppy wants to do what you want him to do, so he does it!
  • Socializing your puppy – we help you understand the importance of giving puppies positive experiences with other puppies and dogs, new people, places, situations – in short, anything and everything you can introduce to them. Puppies are afforded opportunities to explore new stimuli every week. Additional puppy play sessions are included each week during your enrollment. Your instructor will provide your play dates and times on your first day of class.
  • Cultivating a repertoire of desirable puppy behaviors – rather than instructing you to correct puppies for disruptive behaviors with harsh methods or punishment, we teach you to help your puppies learn many alternative ways of directing their energies. In doing so, we shift the concentration of the class onto what to do instead of what not to do. Training becomes a fun and rewarding experience for both ends of the leash.
  • Learning to read puppy body language – our puppies are constantly communicating through their body language (and reading ours, too!). Learning to distinguish excited, playful puppy body language from puppy signals that indicate stress, fear or pain can help you keep your puppy safe and happy.
  • Starting your puppy on a life-long path of health and well-being – puppies need adequate nutrition, exercise, mental stimulation, medical care and grooming. We help you wade through the plethora of information on dog food to help you decide which food is right for your puppy. You learn all kinds of fun activities to focus your puppy’s energy. We teach you about grooming needs and options and help you de-sensitize your puppy to the tools and handling he may experience at the vet or groomer.

Topics to be covered in Puppy Class include: housetraining; nipping and chewing; jumping up on people for greeting and petting; sit and wait to go out the door or eat dinner; paying attention no matter what is going; loose-leash walking, and more.


Your puppy is like a sponge – totally resilient, eager to learn, soaking up everything he can about life and the world around him. Now is the time to encourage new experiences, to teach him what you want him to do, to establish trust in you and confidence in himself.

$160 – 6 WEEK COURSE, includes 6-1 hour training sessions + 6 Puppy Play sessions

Once puppies have completed Puppy Class, they move on to Level One.


In Level One, you will teach your dog to focus, sit, down, wait, leave it, drop it, loose-leash walking and come when called. Discussions are age-appropriate for issues concerning the adolescent and adult dog. Teaching self-control in the areas of leash-pulling, jumping on people when greeting, door dashing and counter surfing are an important component of this class. No previous training is required.

$160- 6 WEEK COURSE, includes 6-1 hour training sessions + 1 free Dawg Park Play Passes


Level Two class will teach you how to increase the proficiency of your dog’s foundation behaviors around increasingly difficult distractions. Dogs will learn to heel, stand for examination, stay and practice moving through distracting environments. One field trip to a public venue is included in this level. Level One training or instructor’s approval required.



Level Three takes dogs on three outings, requiring them to be extremely attentive to their handlers in public settings. Classroom activities include challenging exercises and games to build the strength of your dog’s cued behaviors in highly distracting environments. Level Two training or instructor’s approval required.



Level Three Parks & Trails includes three classes in The Dawg Park and three outings to public parks and trail locations. The goal of this class is to further strengthen your dog’s focus and foundation behaviors in outdoor environments. Special attention will be on: focus, leave-it, loose-leash walking, recalls, and passing dogs and people on trails calmly. Students will learn trail etiquette and how to make off road excursions safe for the handler and dog alike. Level Two training or instructor’s approval required.



Level Four takes dogs and their people on field trips to six different public venues. This is the ultimate Awesome Dawgs challenge for dog and handler alike. Level Three training and instructor’s approval required.



In this class dogs and their handlers work on the skills necessary to become Canine Good Citizens. These skills include: accepting a friendly stranger, sitting politely for petting and grooming, walking on a loose leash, walking through a crowd, sit and down on cue, staying in place, come when called, reaction to another dog, reaction to distraction, and supervised separation. The dog will work on being able to demonstrate these skills and behaviors with calmness and confidence. The Canine Good Citizen test is administered during the final class. When dogs pass the test, they receive the CGC title from the American Kennel Club. This title signifies that a dog is trustworthy in public and is under his handler’s control at all times.  Please visit to learn more about the CGC test. Prior training and instructor’s evaluation is required.

$175- 6 WEEK COURSE, includes cost of exam


Heard of Clicker Training, but not sure what it really is? Or maybe you are currently training with a clicker and want to refine your skills? Learn the mechanics of Clicker Training in this fun-filled class developed to teach you how to effectively train ‘clicker-style’ while your dog gets to learn new games and behaviors! No previous clicker experience required.

*Please note, first night is clicker training for the human students, do not bring your dog to the first class.

$175- 6 WEEK COURSE, includes clicker


Does your dawg need a little help getting beach body ready? Well, grab those sneakers, put on your FitBits and come on down to the training center for a fun, diversified workout. You and your dog will explore a variety of physically invigorating, mentally stimulating games and exercises including agility, tricks, chase & fetch games and much more. This class includes indoor and outdoor activities, so dress to move comfortably. Level Two training or instructor’s approval required.



Learn the basics of this fun dog sport. Strengthen the bond between you and your dog and see why Rally is so popular!

WHAT IS RALLY? Rally is a sport that many view as more fun than competitive obedience, and not as strenuous as agility. Signs are set up on a course with diagrams of the exercise you and your dog are to perform. When you complete that exercise, you move to the next sign – sort of like road rally (which influenced the name). Rally is great for the dog who has mastered basic obedience cues and whose owner wants a fun way to practice those behaviors, and maybe even enter competitions.

WHAT WILL BE COVERED? The differences between the two major venues (American Kennel Club Rally/AKC Rally and World Cynosport Rally Limited/ WCRL), how to perform the exercise shown on the sign, and how competitors are scored. There will be a short set up each week using the signs we cover that night. By week 5 , you will go through an easy novice-level course. Mixed-breed dogs are able to compete in both AKC and WCR, so this is a sport for everyone.

Level Two or Three training and instructor’s approval required.  You dog must be able to walk reasonably well on leash (can not pull constantly).



Wouldn’t it be great if your dog didn’t squirm or pull away during nail trims or when being examined by the vet? In this class you will teach your dog specific behaviors that position your dog in ways that allow for stress-free and force-free handling. You will work on behaviors like: chin rest, nose target with duration, laying on one side, and laying on the other side. We will discuss what signs of stress and fear look like and how to use food as not only a reinforcement, but also as a way to distract your dog during stressful handling situations like nail trims. This is an excellent class to be pro-active in shaping how your dog feels about grooming, veterinary care, or even daily interactions that involve handling your dog. Learn how to cooperatively work together before any problems develop.

No prior training is needed, and all ages of dogs are welcome, including puppies. Your dog must be able to settle in class and be comfortable in a group setting that includes other dogs and people. If your dog exhibits signals like: trembling, hiding, heavy panting, and/or pacing during handling this class may not be a good fit, please call 610-750-6868 to discuss.

**This class is not for dogs that are currently showing signs of aggression during handling. This can include signals like: growling, barking, showing of teeth, lunging, snapping or biting.**



Introduce your family pet to the fun and exciting sport of Dog Agility! Modified agility equipment will be used to explain the fundamentals of navigating a course, making practicing the needed skills easy for everyone. Your dog will learn to be confident with movement under feet using wobble boards, while also experiencing easy jumping exercises. Your dog should have a solid SIT + STAY and good FOCUS. Level 2 class or equivalent or instructor’s approval required.


MINI SERIES:  Skill-Specific Training Sessions

Are you thinking about enrolling your dog in an Awesome Dawgs summer class but can’t commit to six weeks because of vacation, swim meets, baseball games, etc.? Or do you have specific skills you want to work on with your dog instead of taking a full course? If the answer is “yes,” our mini-series is for you!

Each of the three 2-week-long classes focuses on a different topic with intensive work on helping your dog develop impulse control in these three areas: loose-leash walking, coming when called and polite greetings. Whenever we ask clients about their dog training priorities, these are always the top three. Learn how to channel your dog’s inner angel and redirect those frustrating doggy habits into good manners.

You can sign up your dog for one, two or three mini series topics. Who says summer school has to be the same old same old?

Level One training or equivalent or instructor’s approval required.









Looking for a job for your active dog’s busy nose? Do you enjoy spending time outside, bonding with you dog while enjoying nature? Try Tracking! Tracking is a game of “Hide and Seek”. It is a sport that develops your dog’s natural ability to follow a scent trail and hunt for their reward at the end of the trail. This class is held entirely outdoors, enrolled dogs and their handlers must be prepared/dressed for all types of weather and terrain. If weather is too extreme, instructor will reschedule classes as needed. No previous tracking/trailing experience required. Please call if your dog is under 1 year of age.



If you enjoyed the Tracking/Trailing One class and want to take it to the next level, Tracking/Trailing Two is the class for you. Learn to read your dog better and develop a stronger working relationship with your K9 partner. This class is held entirely outdoors, enrolled dogs and their handlers must be prepared/dressed for all types of weather and terrain. If weather is too extreme, instructor will reschedule classes as needed. Tracking/Trailing One or instructor’s approval required.



For those who want to keep on having outdoor fun with their dogs, Tracking/Trailing Advanced takes it to the next level. This next level of training involves trailing through the woods, across and along dirt or gravel roads, through farmer’s fields and even into buildings! This class is held in all types of weather and class may be held during the day or night. Enrolled dogs and their handlers must be prepared/dressed for all types of weather and terrain. If weather is too extreme, instructor will reschedule classes as needed. Tracking/Trailing Two and instructor’s approval required.



Tricks, Fun and Games is a class which incorporates foundation behaviors with learning how to perform tricks such as spin, fetch, bow, shake, close the door and roll over. We play games in every class and the winners take home prizes (or eat them in class). Prior training and/or evaluation is required.



You and your dog will practice: sit, stay, come when called, friendly greetings with volunteers including petting, examination and grooming, wait at the door, heel, maneuvering around people using hospital equipment, leaving food treats alone that are on the floor, dealing with distractions, separation from your dog for a few minutes, and observing children play.

The class will include at least one visit to an assisted living facility.

*Please note, this workshop is not required for taking therapy dog evaluations and is a training course offered by Awesome Dawgs Dog Training.