We believe it’s great to become as informed as possible about how to care for your canine buddy. But with so much information available, it’s hard to know what’s worthwhile.

In this section, we provide you with awesome resources that have been Dawg tested and approved to help you cut down on your search time.



  • Chronicle of the Dog, APDT bi-monthly
  • Whole Dog Journal, monthly
  • The Bark Magazine, monthly
  • It’s me or the Dog, all episodes of weekly TV program, Victoria Stilwell
  • Language of Dogs and Am I Safe, Blue Dog Training Videos, Sarah Kalnajs
  • Take a Bow Wow, DVD, V Broitman and S Lippman
  • Calming Signals, What Your Dog Tells You, DVD, Turid Rugaas
  • The Dog Listener, Jan Fennell
  • Culture Clash, Jean Donaldson
  • Don’t Shoot the Dog, Karen Pryor
  • Before and After Getting Your Puppy, Dr. Ian Dunbar
  • Click to Calm, Emma Parsons
  • The Other End of the Leash, Patricia B. McConnell, PhD
  • Canine Body Language, Brenda Aloff
  • The Power of Positive Dog Training, Pat Miller
  • How to Speak Dog, Stanley Coren
  • Right on Target, Mandy Book and Cheryl Smith
  • Inside of a Dog, Alexandra Horowitz
  • How to Train a Police Bloodhound and Scent Discrimination Patrol Dog, Kevin & Robin Kocher
  • The Canine Kingdom of Scent, Anne Lill Kvam
  • Fun Nosework for Dogs -Second Edition, Roy Hunter
  • Scent and the Scenting Dog, William G. Syrotuck