Do you have a dog that barks, lunges, whimpers, darts, salivates, freezes or has bursts of anxiety when he is:

  • on leash and sees other dogs?
  • on leash and sees moving objects like cars, skateboards, or bikes?
  • in the house or car and sees people, dogs, cars, skateboards or bikes that go past the windows?
  • in the house and the mail is delivered?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Reactive Dawgs Program could be for you and your dog!

More and more pet owners need help with how to work with their reactive dogs. This program originally started to help leashed dogs that react poorly to other dogs, but many dogs have uncontrollable reactions to all sorts of triggers, such as those mentioned above, and they can all benefit from this course of training and behavior modification.

In the Reactive Dawg Program, handlers will learn how to: interpret canine communication, modify challenging behaviors, and manage difficult encounters. You will develop an understanding of the fear, stress, frustration and anxiety that dogs experience when reactive to other dogs or other triggers in their environment. Also, you will learn how to be calm and confident with your dog, how to live without the fear of the next outburst as you cue behaviors to guide your dog to do things other than bark, lunge and burst with over-stimulated responses.

It is our goal to work with you and your dog at a pace that encourages positive experiences, quality learning, and nurtures relationship bonding between you and your dog.


STEP 1: Call Awesome Dawgs to determine if you dog is a candidate for this program.

* Please note, this program is not designed for dogs that are aggressive towards or have bitten people or animals.

STEP 2: Attend a Reactive Dawg Seminar.

The seminar is for handlers only, dogs are not permitted to attend unless requested for demonstration purposes.

Here are some of the key points in the seminar:

  • Reactivity- what it is, why it happens, why it gets worse
  • Triggers & Thresholds
  • Stress, Fear, Anxiety- The importance of calm
  • Management & Safety- Planning for what’s ahead
  • Canine Communication- photos, videos and why handlers of reactive dogs must learn how to understand canine body language
  • How we modify behavior through classical conditioning and counter conditioning
  • Videos & Demos of training in action
  • How to keep a reactive dog mentally and physically stimulated

The cost is $70 and running time is about 3.5 hours. This registration fee includes 1 paperback copy of Feisty Fido- Help for the Leash Reactive Dog, Patricia B. McConnell, Ph.D. & Karen B. London, Ph.D.

Reactive Dawg seminar dates & times:

  • All seminars held at the Awesome Dawgs Training Center, Temple
  • Registration and Payment Required to hold your space in the seminar
  • Up to 2 adult handlers of the dog needing training may attend under one registration
  • Call 610-750-6868 to Register
  • Visit the EVENTS page for upcoming dates and times

STEP 3: Attend a scheduled evaluation for your dog.

If we feel this program is a good fit for you and your dog, you will be advised to schedule an evaluation to determine their foundation behaviors skill level, triggers and thresholds. During this evaluation you will be informed of approximately how many training sessions may be needed.

STEP4: Begin Private Training and Behavior Modification

REACTIVE DAWG, LEVEL 1: Foundation Behavior Training

    • Key Behaviors to Learn: Name Recognition, Focus on Handler, Follow Handler/Loose Leash Walking, Targeting Behaviors
    • Goal of Level 1 is to teach your dog foundation behaviors in a non-distracting environment

REACTIVE DAWG, LEVEL 2: Intro to Triggers Training

    • Add in distractions and triggers
    • Each session will increase the intensity of distractions and triggers based on the progress of the dog
    • Goal of Level 2 is to build confidence, learn impulse control, develop focus, shape calm and for your dog to learn how to perform the behaviors learned in Level 1 in the presence of distractions and triggers.

REACTIVE DAWG, LEVEL 3: Advanced Triggers Training

    • Sessions are based on current skill level of dog.
    • Typically training would be in your backyard, walking in your neighborhood, on trails or in group classes.
    • Goal of Level 3 is to further develop your dog’s skills of staying calm, focusing on you the handler and being able to perform cued behaviors in the presence of high level trigger situations.

: Due to the nature of the dogs involved and the intensity of Reactive Dawg training, no children under the age of 18 are permitted to attend the training sessions.