We are making some adjustments to the weekday Dawg Park schedule until things return to “normal”.  Call to schedule a playtime – 610-750-6868.


We will have gentle play from 2PM – 3PM and open play from 5PM – 6PM. Gentle & Open play will be limited to 4 dogs in each of the play sessions.

The rest of the time slots will be available for private play in 30 minute increments. A client may book 2 back to back time slots for a maximum of one hour of private play if available. If a client’s dog has a friend that he or she plays with regularly, they may play together in private play. No more than 2 parties or more than 3 dogs allowed in private play in order to maintain proper social distancing protocols.

Private play rates remain the same: $4 per dog for 30 minutes$8 per dog for a maximum of 1 hour. Any new players coming for private play will need to complete a registration form, release of liability and provide proof of vaccinations, but do not require evaluations.


Weekend schedule remains the same, with the exception discontinued puppy play, with open play times and gentle dog playtimes limited to 4 dogs in each of the play sessions.

3PM – 5PM will be available for private play in 30 minute increments as described above.  Additional private play times may be offered throughout the day, call for availability.

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