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Sometimes dogs exhibit behaviors that are more than just troublesome. These behavioral complications can make life very difficult for the dog as well as the people and other animals around him. These situations require the help of professionals.

What is considered a Behavioral Problem?
Fear; Anxiety; House Training Troubles & Marking; Aggression; Relationships difficulties with other animals; Compulsive Disorders

Behavioral problems can be very complex and sometimes require the need for medical intervention. Please call Awesome Dawgs at 610-750-6868 to discuss your concerns with your dog. We will advise you to the best course of action. Complicated cases will be referred to a Veterinary Behaviorist.


  • Complete History Review
  • Discuss all problem behaviors, fears, anxieties
  • Evaluate dog’s current level of foundation behavior training
  • Education of appropriate topics, such as: Canine Communication; Emotional Responses; Stress and Its Effect on Mental and Physical Health. Includes handouts as needed.
  • Present recommendations for:
    • Safety & Management, Stress Reduction, Mental & Physical Enrichment, Nutrition, Proper Equipment
    • Foundation Behavior Training
    • Behavior Modification & Training

BEHAVIORAL TRAINING– each training session is up to 1.5 hours

  • Foundation Behavior Training– teach the necessary skills and behaviors to the human and dog to improve handling, communication, and attention.
  • Behavior Modification & Training– intervention training to modify the dogs emotional state and accompanying behaviors.


Behavioral Consultation –  $175
Behavioral Training – $150 each, 3 sessions $400
Travel Fees may apply if you live outside of Berks County

  • Behavioral Training sessions must be paid in full prior to scheduling an appointment.
  • All training sales are final and non-refundable.
  • Please carefully consider your schedule when registering.
  • Behavioral training sessions must be completed within 6 months from the date of payment. If your allotted time period expires you will have to pay for additional training.